DJ Contest Sessions 12 october 2018

Do you have a passion for techno music and do you want to help the crowd with their warming up during SESSIONS? This is your chance!

We are searching for an upcoming talent who wants to show his or her skills at the opening of SESSIONS on the 12th of October. So Is it your dream to make everybody move at the opening of a music event?

How does it work?
– Record a set of at least 30 minutes. The set will only include techno. Remind: You are the opener of SESSIONS, so your set must be an opening set!
– Upload your set on Soundcloud / Mixcloud with the corresponding artwork, hashtag #sessions2018 and your stage name.
– Send your set to: [email protected] Mention the following subject: DJ Contest / Stage name / SESSIONS 2018. Tell something about yourself and your experience (make us curious!) mention the link to your artist profile from Facebook or Partyflock and the link to your set on Soundcloud / Mixcloud.
– Submitting is possible till the 21th of September 2018 before 8.00 pm.
– IMPORTANT: Participation from age 18!


After 21 September, an independent jury will listen to the sets and assess their composition, mixing technique, recording quality and choice of tracks. The judges will choose their favorites from all the talents. At the end they will choose one DJ who is going to open SESSIONS at the Vasim Nijmegen on the 12th of October 2018!


NOTE: Computer mixes made with a DAW (Fruityloops, Ableton, Audacity, Sony Vegas etc.) or mix software (VDJ, Traktor etc.) will be rejected. Participants must be able to show their talents on equipment (2x CDJ2000 en 1x DJM900).